Shiritori: ‘Take the rear’ Japanese word game

Story: Mariko Earle      Photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro & Megan


P1:      footprint        Let’s play the word game, Shiritori! (caption)

P2:      tiger

P3:  raccoon   ‘n ん’ is not good! (You cannot use n ん’.)

P4:      camel

P5:      Daruma (a large red papier-mâché Japanese doll in the form of a seated potbellied Buddhist monk: considered a bringer of luck and prosperity.)

P6:      Maiko (an apprentice performing artist, geisha)

P7:      Koinobori (‘carp-streamer kite’, and the carp was chosen as the symbol for Children’s Day)

P8:      apple

P9:      go-kart

P10:   tomato

P11:   toilet paper

P12:    ice cream

P13:    insect

P14:   primary school

P15:   wristwatch

P16:   dog

P17:   stuffed toy

P18:   water

P19:   trouser          Ah,  ‘n ん’ is not good.  You lose!

P20 – 21        The rules of Shiritori game

  1. Say a word that starts with the last hiragana of the previous word
  2. ‘n ん’ is not good (You cannot use ‘n ん’.) You lose.
  3. 「―」is the same asあ
  4. S ame words are not good. (You cannot use the same words.)