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Earle sensei’s books are helpful in teaching my daughter not only Japanese language but also unique culture we have.

You can see that Mariko sensei is very committed to making these books with her passion. I believe many of the stories are related to her precious memories, and they are heartwarming. I recommend these books to everyone, students, teachers, mums and dads.

Satomi Aoto
Japanese mother
As a teacher of Japanese, I know Mariko Sensei’s Japanbooks provide an invaluable resource for both teachers and students.

It has been an absolute pleasure to see how far Mariko has come with writing her books and personally I am moved to tears at times when reading her books because you can feel the thought, love and passion that she puts into all that she does.

Dr. Amanda Autry
Japanese Lecturer, The University of the Sunshine Coast
The beautiful photography in Mariko Sensei’s books engages the readers immediately.

The size of the book allows for the readers to engage with a Japanese text without feeling daunted by having to read too much text. The books are a great introduction to Japanese reading for beginners.

Debra Shimada
Japanese teacher

Primary / Elementary

Ideal for guided reading for Foundation to Year 6 students. Words that are easy to comprehend with fun & colorful visuals. 

High School

Introduces more advanced concepts for Year 7 – 10.  Engaging and entertaining, with additional characters.

High School

A variety of topics for Year 11 – 12+.  Challenging and enjoyable, offers more detailed information.

What makes Mariko Sensei’s Japanbooks so effective?

Our language learning books are cleverly designed to take students on a fun & inspiring visual journey through Japanese culture.

The top 3 things students tell us are:

  1. “I want to have a look inside!” (looking at covers)
  2. “Beautiful” and “Interesting!” (while reading)
  3. “I could read it by myself!” and “I feel more confident with Japanese!” (after reading)

Meet the author

As both a Japanese teacher and mother, Mariko Earle found that books published in Japan are NOT easily comprehensible by learners of the language.

Ultimately, her frustration combined with her love of writing and teaching the Japanese language, motivated her to create her own Japanese books for students.

Her aim is to help readers to experience successful reading so that they can enjoy the journey of becoming a more confident and avid reader in Japanese.

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