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むし Insects

There are many different types of bugs living in the forest. Do you know how many legs these bugs have?

Level: 2
Script: Hiragana characters
Char: 201
Pages: 16
Type: Information Report
Style: A5 saddle-stitched booklet
ISBN: 978-0-6481178-1-0

© Mariko Earle 2022
This product is designed for individual use and ‘tadoku’ reading. For class use, please purchase the class set. We do appreciate your compliance with the copyright.


Sentence examples:

  • これは はちです。This is a bee.
  • はちは あしが 6ぽんあります。A bee has six legs.

In alignment with the Australian Curriculum/Japanese language: Year 3 and 4 band achievement standards:

  • Describe things, using adjective です& noun です
  • Describing things, using adjective + none
  • Structure sentences using particles, for example は、の、に、が、ね、よ
  • Locate specific information and some supporting details in written texts on familiar topics.

Cultural note from the author:

All the bugs in this book were photographed from various places in Japan. Compared to my childhood, there are not as many bugs around now, especially in the cities. However, I hope that seeing these in this book will encourage you to look for bugs sometimes. You can find them anywhere if you really look for them!

Additional information

Weight 62 g
Dimensions 149 × 211 × 1.8 mm

1 review for むし Insects

  1. Fargonigas

    Expertly photographed

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