Japanese snacks   にほんのおかし

Earle sensei: Story            Mitsuko Tashiro: Photographs

P1                   Look! Japanese snacks.  Let’s do a quiz!

P2                   What is this snack?  Pink and brown.  Triangles.

P3                   Apollo!

P4                   What is this snack?  Small chocolates.  Little lumps.

P5                   Choco baby!  What is this snack?

P6                   Brown.  Small mushrooms.

P7                   Kinoko no yama! (Mushroom mountain)

P8                   What is this snack?  Round.  Chocolate and cream.

P9                   Choco pie!

P10                 What is this snack? The top is chocolate.  The bottom is corn.

P11                 Caplico!

P12                 What is this snack?  Thin.  Chocolate sticks.

P13                 Pocky!

P14                 What is this snack?  Small.  Cream inside.

P15                 Koron!

P16                 What is this snack? White.  It is like mochi (Japanese sticky rice).

P17                 Yukimi daifuku.

P18                 What is this snack?  Cute.  An Australian animal.

P19                 Koala’s march.

P20                 Japanese snacks are fun.  Which one do you like?