What color are the body parts?

Story: Mariko Earle      Photographs: Mitsuko Tashiro & Megan

P1 – 2:             These are rabbits.  The eyes are red.  The ears are pink.

The ears are long! (caption)

P3 – 4:              This is Oni (a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres, or trolls.)

The horns are yellow.  The hair is black.

The eyebrows are thick! (caption)

P5 – 6:              This is a snowman.      The body is white.  The hat is yellow.

The face is round! (caption)

P7 – 8:              This is a Maneki-Neko (‘beckoning cat’, a common Japanese figurine that is believed to bring good luck.)

The ears are red.  The nails are gold.

The collar is also red! (caption)

P9 – 10:           This is Hello Kitty.  The eyes are black.  The nose is yellow.  The dress is red and white.

The ribbon is also red! (caption)

P11 – 12:          This is Anpan-man (a Japanese children’s superhero from a picture book series since 1973)

The eyes and eyebrows are black.  The nose and cheeks are orange.

The belt is yellow. (caption)

P13 – 14:          These are bears.  The face and body are brown.  The eyes and nose are black.  Big! (caption)

P15 – 16:          This is a frog.  The eyes are black.  The arms, legs, and head are green.  The stomach is white.

Cute! (caption)

P17 – 18:          This is a dog.  The ears are brown.  The sunglasses are black.  The hat is blue.

Funny! (caption)

P19 – 20:          These are eggs.  The big egg is skin color.  The small eggs are white.  They are cute, aren’t they?

Fun! (caption)