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にほんのみず Water in Japan

Japan is known for having clean, natural water. There are various places in Japan where people can enjoy viewing water. Let us discover what contributes to the beautiful water in Japan.

Level: 9
Script: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji characters 一、二、三、八、千、万、日、本、月、火、水、土、川、木、 山、出、中、力、青、雪、雪、国、地、下、春、冬,見、絵、番,何、後
Char: 711
Pages: 23
Type: Information report
Style: A5 Saddle-stitched booklet (landscape)
ISBN: 978-0-6481178-5-8

© Mariko Earle 2022
This product is designed for individual use and ‘tadoku’ reading. For class use, please purchase the class set. We do appreciate your compliance with the copyright.


Sentence examples

  • 雨がたくさんふれば、しぜんに水のりょうもふえますね。The more it rains, the amount of water naturally increases, doesn’t it?
  • 木のねっこは水をたくさんすって、地下にためておきます。The roots of trees absorb lots of water, then store them underground.
  • そしていつもながれていますから、土やどろがあまりまざっていません。Also, because they are always flowing, they don’t have much soil or dirt in them.

In alignment with the Senior Syllabus & the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

  • みたいlike, resembling (N4)
  • Vば conditional form; If (N4)
  • そうだ It looks like ….. (N4)
  • N2 & 3 vocabulary ちか・ほうふ・おかげ・わきでる・りょう・ながれだす・火山・しみこむ・ねっこ・ひみつ・すきとおる・うつる・しぜん

Cultural note from the author

Natural water in Japan is known for being clean. Various water sources that are referred to in this book demonstrate this fact. This book assists readers in learning how natural resources, namely rain, snow, and mountains, have positive effects on the existing clean water in this modern era. Please enjoy the story and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japan’s natural water.

Additional information

Weight 78 g
Dimensions 149 × 211 × 2.2 mm


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