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にほんのおかし Japanese snacks

Let us enjoy a quiz about popular Japanese snacks for kids!

Level: 1
Script: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji with Furigana
Char: 325
Pages: 20
Type: Factual description
Style: A5 saddle-stitched booklet
ISBN: 978-1-925808-02-5

© Mariko Earle 2022
This product is designed for individual use and ‘tadoku’ reading. For class use, please purchase the class set. We do appreciate your compliance with the copyright.


Sentence examples:

  •  このおかしは なに?What is this snack?
  •  ぴんくと ちゃいろ。さんかく。Pink and brown. Triangle.
  •  アポロ!Apollo!

In alignment with the Australian Curriculum: Foundation to Year 2 band achievement standards:

  • Present information about themselves, their family, friends and favourite things at a word and simple sentence level, using formulaic and modelled language
  • Describe people and objects using adjectives to indicate colour, shape and size
  • Respond to questions, for example, だれ、なに、どこ with single words, set phrases and by selecting images or objects
  • Identify the three different scripts in Japanese, hiragana, kanji and katakana
  • Give examples of Japanese words and phrases that have been borrowed from other languages

Cultural note from the author:

Japan is renowned for their food industry, as Japanese chefs embrace a lifetime commitment to perfecting their craft. They maintain the same integrity and discipline when making snacks. Snacks are not only made for eating but are also made to provide “fun time” for kids. They come in various themes, shapes, types, and sizes. Join me in discovering several popular Japanese snacks by taking the quiz. Special thanks to the major snack companies in Japan, Glico, Lotte, and Meiji, for allowing us to use their wonderful snacks in this book.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 149 × 211 × 2 mm

2 reviews for にほんのおかし Japanese snacks

  1. Kai Mackerras

    Fantastic books!

  2. Hannah Mackerras

    Fantastic book!

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